Mono-Layer Pipes

  • INTRODUCTION TECHNO PPR Pipes and fittings are made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer PP-R as per the standard ISO 15874 and DIN 8077. The Polypropylene is the most reliable polymer in the piping industry. This material has excellent characteristics rigidity, homogeneous joints, high temperatures resistance and impact resistance. Hence PPR pipes shall preferred for safe and reliable long-lasting installation in hot and cold-water distribution, Techno Plastic proves to be the most trusted piping system.


    The TECHNO PP-R UV Piping system is made from a Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PP-R) along with UV Stabilizer to protect the pipe from sunrays and UV oxidation effect.

    In general Thermoplastic material vulnerable to ultraviolet (UV) deprivation upon extended experience to sunlight. Such type of evidence can be observed as a color change, Surface Degradation, and powdering effect. The deprivation rate may occur varies based on the atmospheric air, water, oxygen, and other oxidizing agents. The use of black color infusion UV pipes will improve weathering characteristics by helping to protect ultraviolet light.

    The systems complying the standards DIN 8077/ DIN8078 and UNI EN ISO 15874. The Techno PPR pipes used for hot and cold-water supply system and potable water applications. The pipes are specially made for outdoor installation where the pipes are exposed to sunlight.